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     YanchengZhengchi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech chemical enterprise in developing, maufacturing and marketing of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. Zhengchi has an experienced team of leading chemists in pharmaceutical industry and efficient technology platforms. All of them worked well in design, synthesis and optimization of the synthetic route. The company set up a R&D center with advanced equipment, it can offer products ranging from gram to kilogram scale according to customers' requirements. Also, we have a plant in Funing County Industrial Park that can provide customers with large-scale product.
Zhengchi lays great emphasis on the customer's demands and regards customer satisfaction as its priority all the time. Furthermore, we look forward to establishing long-term, various, and mutual-benefit cooperation with companies worldwide.

CAS No.:856866-72-3
CAS No.:1220910-89-3
CAS No.:444335-16-4
CAS No.:10320-49-7

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